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Freight Management Systems is proud to showcase its new business intelligence (BI) tool: Analytics & Reporting. This new feature is an improvement on our LOADPlus Pro and LOADPlus Cloud systems in that our customers can take a more directive role in the types of reporting data they can see of their business stats. Create any type of report you need with our build-a-block report system. Any new report created will appear in the LOADPlus system for you or other employees to run at any time. 


Even more, control the type of data used in your reports by allowing authorized employees to configure reports based on company standards. This new reporting feature is integrated with our branch/security settings, giving our customer leaders peace of mind.  

Reporting and dashboards customization is a must for our customers who need different types of data at different times, depending on business operations. This feature is all-in-one and includes how the new analytics/(BI) feature will work in LOADPlus Pro, what types of dashboards and reports you can build with your company data, how to customize reports to fit your business needs, and much more! 

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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience.