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Welcome to FMS Blog


Welcome to our Freight Management Systems (FMS) blog and thank you for taking a look. Everyone has a blog these days from the next-door neighbor to genuine journalists and their intentions are to share information with the hope that someone will benefit from it. At FMS, we feel the same way and think that you will find some valuable content in our new weekly articles.

Every day we come across information we feel others could use in their businesses. Sometimes this information is about our products or something of interest that our customers need to know more about.

Having hundreds of customers in the logistics business, our water cooler talks often contain valuable insight into the latest happenings that could potentially help your business.

About FMS

5 things that we, at FMS, will be sharing:

  1. Outlining the trends in the freight industry.
  2. Latest tools and services to help you in your business.
  3. Tips on productivity and how we navigate ways to improve our office daily.
  4. Information related to our industry that can assist you in better business choices.
  5. Understanding what solutions FMS has for your transportation management.

FMS is committed to our industry and our customers. All members of our staff will be contributing to the blog to help you gain insight and growth in a range of topics within the transportation management industry.

Our goal is to open our communication to help others. This is part of our daily mission here at FMS. We hope you will find the content beneficial.

Thanks again for reading our blog and being a part of the FMS family!



Henry Sheldon
President of Freight Management Systems

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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience.
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