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“The holidays are frantic in the transportation industry”, is the thought that came to mind this past year. As the author of this blog article, I am not well-versed in the transportation industry. Which seems poetic considering I work for a software company that deals exclusively with transportation companies. Yet, all I can say is “I respect you”.  

Finishing the previous year and seeing the inside look at how holidays are handled by the transportation industry, I am amazed at the hard work and dedication of all the men and women who make sure everyone gets their packages on time. Whether it is food or last-minute Christmas gifts, the work, coordination, effort, and sleepless nights that power these transport runs across the nation are incredible. You are incredible.  

Most people don’t realize the machine working around the clock known as our transportation industry. Even the smallest piece has a role to play from buyer to shipper to dispatcher to driver. From a person who doesn’t know much, I wanted to extend my gratitude on behalf of all the other people who don’t know much about this vital business in our society. Our customers are Santa Claus and superheroes rolled into one.  

From a humble FMS employee, we thank you. 

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