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Partner Spotlight: TextLocate


Who is TextLocate?  

TextLocate created a simple solution to improve your check calls and automate the worst part of your workday. Your logistics operations team enters your load ID, driver’s phone number & name then clicks send! TextLocate routes the request for a one-time location update using a proprietary developed workflow as a text message to the driver. The message includes your company name, and your unique load ID along with a message requesting a one-time location update. No app to download and no constant tracking!


What does TextLocate offer? 

 TextLocate is your “SuperPower” to reduce the frustration of making those painful location updates with partner carriers. Simplify the process using TextLocate’s custom one-time location update from your partner carrier’s driver with one simple text message. TextLocate also offers 2-way text conversation with the driver to their preferred communication. 

It’s easy! There is nothing else to it…simple. Drivers prefer to be texted, instead of, phone calls. Text-based messaging allows for more direct connectivity between brokers and the driver which sparks proactive communication. 


How can TextLocate help my brokerage scale profitably? 

TextLocate primarily works with 3PLs of all sizes. Our customers range from billion-dollar logistic providers to small start-ups. TextLocate simplifies visibility for anyone and everyone in the transportation industry. 

Simply put, we make it very easy to communicate with drivers. Also, TextLocate is the number one texting tool in the logistics industry with a full 2-way chat, location request, scheduling capabilities, and image capturing. No app or set up required by the drivers! 


How does TextLocate work with LoadPlus?

You asked, we listened! Due to popular demand, TextLocate now partners with FMS. The integration connectivity between TextLocate and FMS is a simpler option to track and trace that eliminates the need for any manual work—instead—you can automate all our features within the FMS User Interface.  

Eliminate the need for manual phone calls and the frustration that comes with getting ahold of those non-compliant drivers. 


See more about TextLocate by visiting their website to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo or contact us about our integration at 


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