Spotlight: Cargo Chief

Partner Spotlight: Cargo Chief


Who is Cargo Chief?  

 Cargo Chief’s C4 platform streamlines the freight booking process, making it less stressful and time-consuming. With their innovative approach, you no longer need to rely on load boards or spend countless hours emailing or calling carriers to secure coverage. C4 automatically matches your freight with the best carrier at the right price, freeing up your team to focus on building stronger relationships within your internal network and improving carrier retention. 

 By using Cargo Chief, you’ll benefit from a more efficient and reliable freight booking experience that saves you time and reduces your stress levels. Whether you’re a small brokerage or an enterprise 3PL, Cargo Chief’s C4 platform can help you scale your business and modernize your operations. 


What does Cargo Chief offer? 

 Cargo Chief offers two types of solutions to help freight brokers and 3PLs of all sizes streamline their operations and book more freight. 

 First is an off-the-shelf platform that includes its comprehensive carrier network and pricing engine, known as C4. With C4, you can transform how you source carriers and instantly expand your lane coverage by leveraging C4’s aggregated lane information. You’ll also have access to their powerful pricing engine, which provides accurate predictions of the current market based on when loads are booked. This enables you to provide spot-on quotes for freight and RFPs, giving you a competitive edge in the industry. 

 In addition to the C4 platform, Cargo Chief offers an integrated solution with LoadPlus Pro to automate various aspects of the booking process to streamline your freight booking and carrier management processes. 

Cargo Chief solutions are designed to help you save time, reduce stress, and grow your business. 


How can Cargo Chief help my brokerage scale profitably? 

 With Cargo Chief, you can drive more quality options and focus on engaging with carriers digitally rather than spending countless hours on the phone or sending one-off emails. C4 provides brokers with full visibility and control over what carriers can see your freight, enabling you to optimize your options while building strong relationships with your existing carriers. 

 Cargo Chief puts a lot of emphasis on carrier retention, helping you expand your carrier network, increase your options, pre-book more freight, and help you scale your brokerage profitably. 


How does Cargo Chief work with LoadPlus? 

 As soon as a load is built in LoadPlus Pro, your loads are automatically synced to C4. Based on your criteria and conditions, C4 will start matching your load to the right carriers in your network and sending offer emails that are personalized to your branding, making it look like it’s coming from you. When a carrier responds to your offer, you’ll see the reply in your inbox and receive a bid notification in LoadPlus.  

 Cargo Chief’s digital freight matching approach drives more carrier engagement, more options, and more control than traditional sourcing methods and other matching platforms. 

 See how C4 and LoadPlus work together: 


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