Single Load Entry

Single Load Entry in LOADPlus Pro

We understand that working in the freight industry is fast paced. Time is money and every minute counts when securing loads to move for customers. With such urgency in mind, Freight Management Systems is proud to announce the All-In-One Load Entry screen coming soon to LOADPlus Pro. This single-entry page consolidates the load entry process into a one, simple page where you can include all your important load information without ever leaving the screen.

As a company, we are adding this screen in response to the many requests submitted by you, our customers. We created this screen to help our customers better adapt to the demands of daily operations and increase business workflow.

Despite the change, load entry remains the same. Entering a Customer, BillTo, Shipper, Consignee, and Load Rates will still follow the current order of operations within LOADPlus Pro. The major difference will include allowing users to enter the Load Rates on the same screen as the other fields.

After much feedback, our customer’s voice has been heard and this change is for you. With this change, the time spent entering loads has been drastically reduced! The amount of time saved will allow for an extra load entry. More loads mean more money. Further company updates of this revolutionary feature will be announced very soon so stay tuned!

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