Server vs. Cloud

The Ultimate Choice: Server vs. Cloud Software


Which is the right choice for your business?

Freight Management Systems is a software company specializing in transportation management solutions. Our jobs revolve around technology which is beneficial in a society intertwined with the modern commodities technology offers. However, technology is not always infallible. There are limits and, sometimes, failures of the software we rely upon daily.

Data can be lost, or operations interrupted so which is better? The Cloud aka “web” or In-house servers? The FMS team recognizes this dilemma and has the answer for you.(server v. cloud)

For instance, in the tech world, you will hear about data being stored on the Web or on a Server. Sometimes, it is both. What is the difference? How does this affect your daily workflow?

Similarly, the internet is great in the sense that data is anywhere, everywhere. This means you can access your data in LOADPlus no matter the day or time using a computer, phone, or tablet. Likewise, an ‘in-house server’ hosts your data on your local company machines without the need for internet. Which is more advantageous?(server v. cloud)


As a company, FMS sees the Cloud as a more viable solution to freight business workflow for two simple reasons: security and accessibility.

The world is unpredictable in how each day will go. This uncertainty decreases from your freight business being online. Hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, and more won’t bring down your entire office and wipe your data from an internet outage.

If your data is on a company server or ‘in-house’, there are few guarantees that you can recover your business data/operations. This is important as data security can determine whether a business setback by days or years.

In addition, the availability of accessing your TMS software on the internet ensures a flexible yet accessible business model that has certainly been on the rise in the last decade. Whether employees are working in the office or remote, everyone will have access to the same system to do their job right.

There are many other benefits to a web-hosted system. But these are the foundational principles for why Freight Management Systems chooses to do business. Our focus has always been customer-centric. We want to reflect that ideology in how we approach our own business tactics. Because at the end of the day, your business means our success.

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