Real Time Freight Tracking To Increase Productivity

How many times a day, do you get a call from your customers wanting to know where the freight is at right now?  Now, more than ever, customers are demanding real-time tracking of their freight product.  

This isn’t always easy to provide.   You may not have heard from that driver today.   You know approximately where they should be but question if the load is still on schedule.  

As politely as possible, you tell your customer you will call them back and immediately call the trucking company.  

After a few minutes, you finally get through to the dispatcher that knows about that load and find out they haven’t heard from the driver today either and will need to call you back.  You call the driver direct and get voice mail.  

After waiting a couple of hours to hear from the trucking company or the driver, you find out from the receiver that the truck delivered that product an hour ago.   Now you can let your customer know. 

This long process has led to the development of freight tracking software.  Many of these software businesses get the tracking information by ELD – Electronic Logging Device.   It’s not unusual for trucking companies to have these installed directly in the truck itself. This puts out a GPS signal so that the business can know where their trucks and the freight are at all times.   The software company programs this information into their system. They then sell their services to 3PL’s so that they can provide real-time tracking to their customers.

Of course, not all trucks are installed with an ELD system.   Another way is to have drivers register their smartphone with tracking software.  The shipment is then tracked through GPS technology and geofencing. They also provide valued information to drivers such as road construction, traffic reports and weather warnings.  

Freight Management Systems integrates with MacroPoint and is in the final testing for Trucker Tools Load Track.   This will work directly on your LOADPlus tracking screen.  

When the updates from your tracking service account come in, it will automatically show on your tracking screen.  

Now you know where the load is without making numerous phone calls. 

When your customer calls about a load that uses the tracking software, you can tell them right away where their freight is just by looking in your tracking screen.   This not only saves you a lot of time and phone calls but shows an increased level of efficiency to your customers. Request a demo here

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