Parade of Beginnings

A Parade of New Beginnings


Here, at Freight Management Systems, we have partnered with Parade to bring a seamless digital freight matching integration package to our customers within the LOADPlus Pro TMS. With a versatile set of tools at your business’s disposal, Parade will be an excellent partner addition to the FMS integration programs. What they can offer your business showcases the exciting advancements of technology in the freight industry. But don’t take our word for it! See how they describe what their product can do for you here.

Parade offers many benefits for digital freight matching but what does that look like with an integration in LOADPlus Pro TMS? See below how FMS functions for you when experiencing the benefits of Parade’s technology:

  1. With the improvement of carrier relationships, the list of carriers in LOADPlus TMS will expand to accommodate new and/or existing contracts.
  2. Being able to reuse carriers for loads will define matches in the Carrier Matching section of LOADPlus TMS to better serve business operation needs.
  3. In growing and redefining carrier relationships, information can be updated within Carrier Profiles to reflect changing information load by load.
  4. Utilize preplanning methods in Parade by setting the preferred dates/times on load entry within LOADPlus TMS to post to your business Parade account for future loads.
  5. As a fully integrated partner, experience seamless data transfer between systems to save time from double entries.
  6. Booking loads will be faster than ever using the bid/counteroffer tool to improve communication between dispatcher and carrier.

Stay tuned for our official integration press release with Parade coming soon! Learn more about other featured integrations within LOADPlus and request a demo here

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