A newtrul Partnership

A newtrul partner, a new addition…


We are proud to announce Freight Management Systems has teamed up with newtrul to bring digital freight matching to our customers is a seamless integration package within LOADPlus Pro TMS. The addition of cutting-edge digital freight technology by newtrul integrated with the multi-faceted FMS’ LOADPlus Pro TMS creates opportunities for customers to grow their business using automated workflows. As this technology advances, brokers and trucking companies will lean on this modern communication to better their digital footprint and rely less on booking freight through aging email and phone systems.

This new integration will revolutionize the way customers interact with carriers in booking and moving loads. With data transferring back and forth between newtrul and LOADPlus TMS, there is no need for double confirmations for booking in two separate systems. Even more, LOADPlus TMS allows the option of bids and counteroffers within the system which will update the load information in newtrul. Smooth communication between newtrul and Freight Management Systems lets customers focus on the more important details of the load.


No hassle, no stress. Digital freight matching makes phone calls and emailing a thing of the past. Look forward into the future with our latest integration with newtrul and see how LOADPlus Pro TMS continues to elevate your business to higher levels.

Stay tuned for our official integration press release with newtrul coming soon! Learn more about other featured integrations within LOADPlus and request a demo here

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