FMS Milestones

FMS Milestones in LOADPlus

Freight Management Systems is always looking to add new features that meet the needs of our customers working daily in the freight industry. With fast-paced decisions made in minutes, often the other responsibilities of freight get pushed to the side in order to book the next load or accept the next haul. However, we recognize that sometimes it is hard to prioritize. For instance, working on first-priority projects and leaving others to be done later. We now offer a custom workflow to run your business your way. This checklist need has inspired our latest feature to meet your company demands at its core: FMS Milestones.


Milestones offers the extra nudge your employees to remind them of priorities you want as they move loads through the system. This custom workflow allows you to focus your employees on the things that matter. Need them to verify they called the dispatch contact for the load? Check. Want employees to upload documents before the load status can be changed? Check. In other words, these checkpoints in the system are set by you, for you, to do business your way. Therefore, whether milestone checks are set as reminders or requirements is up to YOU! Run the system your way with FMS Milestones!


To set up your Milestone checkmarks, select Web Settings from the sidebar menu. Here, you can set your checkpoints during the booking process and when the load is in the ‘on-hold’ status before entering accounting. Define each checkpoint based on priority, type, and activity. Add as many as you need to ensure business is done your way, the right way.

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