Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Those of Hispanic Heritage Month


The fabric of this nation is a wide, diverse tapestry of intermingled experiences and cultures. Often, people may refer to it as the “melting pot”. Yet, at the heart of this country are the great people that work to move it in a better direction. A time of remembrance for those of Hispanic Heritage this month.

This month, we honor those of Hispanic/Latin American descent who have done exactly that.


As the second largest ethnic group in the country, there are many hard-working Latinos who propel this country forward, especially within the freight industry. According to an article by Freight Waves, Hispanics account for approximately 12% of all truck drivers in the United States. This large number is a testament to the dedication and drive of the Hispanic population.

As a company, we are proud to support all cultures and backgrounds, including those of Hispanic/Latin American descent. Here, at Freight Management Systems, we respect and admire the vast differences that bring us together as coworkers, neighbors, and people. Our motto is Great People, Great Software. We believe that anyone that works for the betterment of this country are the best people and we are proud to recognize them this month.

Learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month and other facts, here.

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