The Women of FMS

We Thank our Female Leads… 


In honor of Women’s Month, we would like to recognize the talented group of women at our company that keep us running every day. Their work ethic and commitment to customer success is the driving force behind Freight Management Systems. 

To show our appreciation, read below about our fantastic employees and how they contribute to the success of FMS with its customers each day!: 

Meet Julie Robinson… 

Julie Robinson is Director of Customer Success. She is great at working with the various departments to resolve customer support tickets, troubleshoot server and software issues, setting up new systems, and much more. Her technical expertise is vital to our daily operations as a software management company. From everyone at Freight Management Systems, we thank you for giving it your all here at the office. As we all say at the office, “What would we do without you?”. 

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Meet Diane Felzy… 

Diane Felzy is the Accounting Manager at Freight Management Systems. Her role in the company began many years prior to today as one of the original co-owners of FMS before selling the company to our current President & CEO, Henry Sheldon. As the accountant, she makes sure we are able to keep the lights on every day which is a very important task! We appreciate all that you do, so thank you Diane! 

Meet Carol Pappalardo… 

Carol is the Director of Customer Support at Freight Management Systems.  She has been with the company for over 19 years. Her value to the team is indispensable with her accounting and bookkeeping knowledge. Here at Freight Management Systems, we are fortunate to have someone like Carol working with us. Without her dedication to our work here, we might not have met our goals. Thank you, Carol! 

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Meet Raven Doyle… 

Raven is the Multimedia & Communications Specialist here at Freight Management Systems. The newest addition to the bunch, she coordinates all the training regarding software features as well as marketing/promotions. Her importance to the team cannot be overstated as her work directly engages with our current and future customers daily! We are happy to have her aboard the team and are excited for the new developments ahead. 

Learn more about how FMS shows our appreciation by requesting a demo here

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