Family Freight

Family = Freight


In the United States, the transportation industry has become the central to the economy. So critical, yet often forgotten like blood flow in the human body. Nearly everything we do today revolves around the logistics supply chain. For many, this integral part of American society is not only part of daily life, but also in their blood.

Many freight companies began as family owned/operated businesses moving goods from store to store. However, with the evolution of technology and demand for a growing nation, mom-and-pop business have turned into some of the leading freight companies in the United States today.


From humble startups to multi-million-dollar corporations, families drive America forward. Looking to fill a need in the freight industry, Freight Management Systems began as a family operated company. Similarly, with a simple mission: Great People, Great Software, the FMS team proves a little goes a long way.

Above all, seeing the freight business expand from its roots to the industry it is today is nothing short of amazing and only serves to highlight the many people behind the wheel, working day and night to serve our nation. We are proud to belong to this great tradition of home-grown industry and we hope to continue to serve future generations of freight operators for many years to come.

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