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Allow Customers to See Updates in Real-Time with eTrack Preview!


Freight Management Systems offers a dynamic tracking module that documents your loads step by step during delivery. Dispatchers and other freight agents can make manual edits in real-time or utilize tracking integrations such as Trucker Tools, Macropoint, and RailInc. to document where the load is at all times using our eTracking feature. Now, we offer that insight to your customers as well with our eTrack Preview.

You can simply attach the link to your website and have customers check their loads anywhere, anytime or provide the link to your customers separately just like any other major shipping company! Information is now available to everyone with a touch of a button. No need for extra login or password credentials to access tracking information. Learn more about this expansive feature in our LOADPlus system:


This read-only screen for your customer’s load information allows such customers to see their products moving with real-time tracking updates coming to your dispatchers. With their own [customer #] and [load #], give your customers peace of mind in seeing their loads moved across the country.

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