Dispatch Plus

Dispatch Plus, Extra Tracking


With LOADPlus Pro, you can run multiple companies in one dispatch module! Need to run multiple companies such as a brokerage and an asset-based company but don’t want the hassle of running multiple TMS’s? Freight Management’s LOADPlus Pro TMS is your answer. Now, get more from your TMS with dispatch plus additional features to have all your companies in one place.

With our multi-company capabilities, you can do it all with LOADPlus TMS. Now, you can enter a load and decide which company that load belongs to. Our TMS software offers both Company and Agent Lockdown features to keep your multiple businesses safe and secure.


With the Company Lockdown feature, you can choose which employees can have access to specific companies and branches. This is especially effective when keeping track of all your agents and their assignments as your business rapidly expands.

Likewise, the Agent Lockdown feature allows you to choose what customers and loads an employee/agent can see or access. Assign your employees to only see what they need to see to accomplish business goals and protect business practices.

Even more, our Accounting System separates your invoices by company! With a click of a button, you can choose which specific company you want to run invoices for.

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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience.