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Keeping up with Contact History

Communication is what fuels the freight industry in this country. The movement of goods from one place to another, whether interstate or down the road, is predicated on the interactions between dispatchers, truckers, and operators alike. Here, at Freight Management Systems, we understand the vital link from load to destination. Our feature, Contact History, works with you to better communicate. This ensures the important loads will be moved by the best for the most profit.

In short, Contact History is a menu that documents the bids and counter offers of a load before a final carrier is chosen for the haul. Broken into 3 sections (Contact History, Lane History, and Add Contacts), this menu shows you much information. This includes the summary of rates, ranks bids in order of highest profit margin, lists all offers and much more.

Take charge of the loads you need to move by adding counter offers on bids for better prices. Equally, review prior lane history to see the previous rates used. In addition, take notes on certain bids based on conversations with the carriers for better memory retention in finalizing your decisions.

No matter the need, Contact History allows you to streamline your business workflow by keeping all load information on the load itself. No more having to use several documents to keep track of carrier bids and past negotiations. This menu is your information, all in one place.

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