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Freight Management Systems is always looking at new ways to improve user experience and software tools. There are many ways to run your business and FMS wants to make sure you have the best options available to run your business YOUR way. With this in mind, we are happy to share a few upcoming releases that are sure to increase business workflows and overall stats:

Release Status: Final Testing

A leader in tracking technology, Samsara goes beyond GPS tracking and uses a single platform for real-time location, compliance, and safety. All through a driver’s app, customers can keep track of where their load is always during the delivery process.

Our partnership with Samsara utilizes their technology to allow the tracking updates to seamlessly integrate within our LOADPlus TMS software. Each tracking update will update the load information in the TMS system to eliminate check calls and double entries.

Release Status: Final Testing

When tracking a load, accidents happen (literally). Our newest feature, “Tracking Exceptions”, allows the dispatcher to designate certain loads as exceptions in the system. This will show visually different from other loads in the tracking process to signify the importance of monitoring the load to company operations.

Even more, emails can be custom sent to responsible parties of loads listed as “exceptions” in order to make sure communication has been made during the delivery process.

See how our system can benefit you, here. Witness the future of TMS software and request a demo here

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