Carrier Matching

The Carrier Matching feature in LOADPlus Pro makes finding trucks easy!  


Freight Brokerages need to find carriers and not just any carriers, good carriers to move their freight. 

This half of the freight movement is critical to get it right. Similarly, Carrier Lists created over many years become one of the largest value propositions for a Freight Broker. These trucking companies can be sourced by many people over many years. These carriers are often trusted first and the carriers that get the first offer to move freight for a new lane. This is why we offer the latest feature, carrier matching.

For instance, many times internal trucking companies that have already been on-boarded and sourced, get overlooked to move new lanes. With the Carrier Matching feature that is built into LOADPlus Pro, this doesn’t have to happen anymore. Above all, Carrier Matching allows your brokerage to search different criteria to find the perfect trucking company to move freight.   


Even more, your database searches include Load History, Known Lanes, and Carrier Location. There are many different search criteria such as radius and known services that the carriers offer to help you find just the right company to move the freight. In addition, this feature keeps growing and becomes ever more helpful with more and more search criteria planned in the future.   

Therefore, don’t miss out on hidden gems in your Carrier List, let us help show you how valuable that information is. Contact us today for a free demo of LOADPlus Pro. 

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