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One of a kind, with your business in mind = The Best Choice


Many freight TMS companies advertise that they can do what no other company can. Therefore, how is Freight Management Systems any different? We mean what we say. We are the best choice because we understand your needs and provide services to benefit your business.

Our LOADPlus TMS is a complete state-of-the-art 3PL logistics software solution for freight agents, freight brokers, freight forwarders and (LTL) freight companies all on a cloud-based system.

  • Our software is easy to use: Customers are able to understand and use the system for their business, the same day.
  • We offer the latest features: Send documents via e-sign and receive automatic tracking updates in real-time within our system.
  • Our team is adaptable: New features can be added by request to make sure your business runs the way YOU want.

Here at Freight Management Systems, Inc., we are dedicated to making the business of moving freight easier than ever. Built with you in mind, our logistics solutions and services are customizable to the needs of your business no matter the scale or variety. Furthermore, we understand our success starts with our customers. Quality service. Customer satisfaction. Exceeding expectations.

The bottom line: Great people, great software.


In addition, we work with several leading freight logistics companies to make sure your business never misses a beat. From carrier onboarding to tracking, and even payroll, Freight Management Systems redefines interconnectivity in a single software solution.

Don’t settle for anything less than Freight Management Systems LOADPlus TMS and request a demo here

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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience.
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