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Stay Organized with FMS: All About Imaging


Document management and record keeping can be a tedious, often forgetful task, when managing hundreds of loads daily. Assigning contracts, agreements, and proof of delivery sheets to various profiles and loads has never been easier when using LOADPlus Imaging. This intuitive feature focuses all about imaging and document management.

Our inclusive imaging package allows you to upload documents right into the TMS software. You can also assign them based on categories customized to your company standards.

Even more, you can assign agreements directly on a load or contracts on a carrier profile. Utilize our integration with TriumphPay Audit (formerly known as HubTran) to auto-sort and assign documents in the system using their intuitive AI software. Experience the time-saving features of LOADPlus TMS software:

  1. To upload documents to the system, go into Load Create/Editor select the imaging icon (#paperclip) anywhere in the system.
  2. Then, select the imaging button icon in top right corner with dropdown menu.

Select Upload Documents option which will redirect to another tab where a user can either drag/drop documents from the desktop or browse the computer to upload documents. In addition, you can auto-attach your proof of delivery (POD) to an invoice and auto-send the document to you customer!

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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience.