The Age of E-Sign

FMS is proud to unveil the latest development to your software…E-Signing!


The age of E-sign is here! Freight Management Systems is proud to present our exclusive e-signing feature. Run your business faster and easier by having carriers sign agreements right on their electronic devices. Finally, no more printing, faxing, or back and forth emailing!

Allow carriers to update driver information in their emailed agreement sent via e-sign. This updated information automatically updates the load in the system! For instance, send delivery sheets separately once an agreement has been signed. Don’t miss out on this latest addition to your software and contact us today!

Save time chasing down signatures for your documents by making it easily accessible for signees to find within their email. Furthermore, this e-signing feature provides the security and efficiently you need for your freight business!

  • Instant Approval – Have your documents signed faster than ever
  • Secure Signatures – Agreements are timestamped with signee information for thorough documentation
  • Allow Signee to Update Load Any updated driver information in the agreement automatically refreshes the original load in the system


The Age of Electronic Signatures


E-sign is here and ready for testing! For instance, our programmers work hard to make your job easy. With our latest feature, E-Sign, it has never been easier to confirm those agreements with carriers. Above all, upgrade your business to the technological age of e-sign with the latest digital tool.

Similarly, have sent documents signed from anywhere which allows your business to function everywhere. We are looking for potential beta testers to test and provide feedback to make your experience the best it can be. In addition, customers that participate will have a first look at how this new feature will flow in everyday business tasks.

If interested, reach out to and be a part of the technology revolution with your team at Freight Management Systems.

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