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As the intermediary between shippers and carriers, our logistics software works hard so you can spend time on what matters most


3PL For You

Transport freight by any means using our logistics software to keep your business connected no matter where you are

Our Services

LOADPlus Pro

LOADPlus Pro TMS is equipped with a full set of features to run the entire back office of your Freight Brokerage. The most robust TMS on the market that is fast and easy to use on a cloud-based system.

LOADPlus Data Exchange

LOADPlus Data Exchange are specialized solutions to elevate your business. These data exchange services such as software configurations, back-office integrations, EDI, and more, are essential additions to your TMS. (Home)

Who We Are

Here at Freight Management Systems, Inc., we are dedicated to making the business of moving freight easier than ever. Built with you in mind, our logistics solutions and services are customizable to the needs of your business no matter the scale or variety. We understand our success starts with our customers. Quality service. Customer satisfaction. Exceeding expectations.

The bottom line: Great People, Great Software.

Great Service


The interaction with customers, feedback, etc. is priceless! Especially when it’s coming from FMS!

Marleen P.

In It for the Long Haul

We have used this software for over 25 years and have always received prompt and courteous support. We started with their standalone system and eventually upgraded to their Cloud based system.

Joe S.
North Carolina

Product Always Works

We have been a user of LoadPlus for over thirty years. All of the big TMS companies have approached us about changing to their product. We hesitate to change as the product always works and the customer service is as good or better than any company we work with.

Craig S.

Easy to Start


If you are new to the brokerage arena, you owe it to yourself to check out FMS. Their people are great[,] and their systems is very straight forward and easy to follow. Some of the demos out there are mind boggling and the people doing the demo forget that you are not as versed as they are on their product. NOT FMS! Henry Sheldon and Freight Management Systems, Inc. are rocking it!

Jeannie S

Lost Without LOADPlus

I originally started with company that had program downloaded to our server. We now use the remote version and log in through remote desktop. We just completed 10 years of our company. Freight Mgmt has helped us along the way so much. Anytime we have an issue, they are prompt to respond. I am proud they continue to improve the software – no resting on their laurels! It is always easy when hiring someone new because software is very straightforward – it makes training process very efficient.

Amber W.

Customer Satisfaction


We love FMS!! Happy customers since 2009!?

Stan Y.

User Friendly


LOADPlus Pro’s technology is user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing all the necessary functions to run our transportation company. Plus, the key features and integrations allow us to stay ahead of the competition and run efficiently.

Gregory D.

Seamless Workflow


You guys [FMS] really have something special here. We love the way it flows.

Don S.

Easily Manageable

I have been working with FMS/ VLP systems for several years & have always had nothing but good experiences. The ease of learning the functions & utilizing the system has always been good for us. The format is easy to follow & easy to find history data for customers, carriers and sales. The system is not to complicated and easily manageable for all. If & when we come upon an issue, I will say FMS has a great response team to help out no matter what the issue may be.

Scott Z.

Excellent Product

The product is easy to use once you get used to it. [No cons] Nothing, we like it just the way it is.

Nicole P.
South Carolina

Our Integration Partners

We work with several leading freight logistics companies to make sure your business never misses a beat. From carrier onboarding to tracking, and even payroll, Freight Management Systems redefines interconnectivity in a single software solution.

Don’t see your business integration partner? No problem! We are consistently adding new technologies to improve our software functionality for our customers.

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